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Making Surveys Easy!
You spoke, we listened.
You asked us for an easier, more efficient method to supply your institution’s data. In response, we have started converting to surveys that can be completed online or offline and submitted via the Web, fax, or mail.
As always, if your institution has completed the survey, we will pre-fill it with the most recent data we have on record so you can update only information that has changed.
System Requirements
gray dot Adobe Reader or Acrobat 6.0.2 or higher required (9.0 or higher suggested). Versions prior to 6.0.2 are not supported.

IMPORTANT: Other .PDF readers (including Foxit) should NOT be used to complete the survey. These non-Adobe .PDF readers have caused problems during survey submission.
Peterson's Surveys
Due to our conversion to a new survey platform for our next data collection cycles, Adobe PDF survey forms are no longer available for download. If you need to submit a survey that you have previously saved to your own desktop, require a copy of your survey, or wish to make other updates or corrections, please contact Matthew Gazda at 800-338-3282, ext. 53460 or
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